The benefits accorded to the members of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators are:
Professional Recognition
  (Government, Statutory Boards, local & international professional organisations).
Panel Memberships
  (Panel of Arbitrators & Panel of Tutors).
Committee Membership
  (Administration & Finance Committee, Constitution Committee, Membership Committee, Professional Practice Committee, Panel Arbitrators/Tutors Review Committee, Education/Conference Committee, Publication Committee, Activities Committee, Disciplinary Committee, ADR Committee, Law Review Committee & Website Committee).
Continuing Professional Development
  (Conferences, Talks, Courses & Workshops)
Professional Code of Conduct & Ethics
  (Guidance on Professional Practice, Code of Conduct & Arbitration Rules)
Professional Networking
  (Social Gatherings, Seminar Talks & Dinners)
Updates on the Law & Practice of Arbitration
  (Publication of Newsletters, Talks & Conferences)


The three categories of membership in the Institute are:


An Associate Member must be at least 21 years of age and hold such professional qualifications or have passed such examinations as may be prescribed by the Council. An Associate is not entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Institute. An entrance fee of $150.00 and an annual subscription fee of $85.00 are payable. An Associate Member is entitled to affix the initials "ASIArb" after his name.


A Member must be at least 25 years of age and generally, must have passed the written examination of the International Entry Course of the Institute. This course introduces candidates to the basic principles, concepts and laws which apply to commercial arbitration. The relevant Singapore laws are also covered. Through a series of lectures and tutorials, the course also allows for discussion of practical issues encountered in arbitration. The course is held over a period of 3 days. An entrance fee of $200.00 and an annual subscription fee of $110.00 are payable. A Member is entitled to affix the initials "MSIArb" after his name.


A Fellow must be at least 35 years of age and must demonstrate a wide knowledge and experience of the law and practice of arbitration. He should have passed a written examination of a Fellowship course (or such other advanced course or examination as the Council may prescribe). This course entails advanced knowledge of arbitration law and practice which includes an award-writing examination. The entrance fee is $250.00 while the annual subscription fee is $175.00. A Fellow is entitled to affix the initials "FSIArb" after his name.


By submitting your membership application, you are deemed to have agreed to the following terms and conditions (as may from time to time be amended by SIArb):

1. You declare that you agree, if admitted, to be bound by the Constitution and Bye-Laws and by any subsequent amendments and/or alterations thereto which may be made from time to time.

2. You also declare that you agree that SIArb may list your name, organisation, designation and membership category in the public membership listing/directory on its website upon approval of your membership.

3. The Constitution requires that an applicant for election as Fellow, Member and Associate must be of age thirty-five (35) years, twenty-five (25) years and twenty-one (21) years respectively.

4. The Council may in exceptional circumstances, waive the age requirement for Fellowship applications in the case of an applicant holding a professional qualification or other professional experience recognised by the Council as justifying the waiver. Details of applicant’s professional qualification and experience must be submitted in writing for consideration of such waiver. 

5.Every application for admission shall be sponsored by two members of the Institute who, from their personal knowledge of Applicant can support the application as follows:

"I have known the Applicant for a period of ___________ years, and I have read his/her completed application for membership.  From my personal knowledge of the Applicant, I recommend him/her as a fit and proper person for consideration by the Council for membership of the Institute."

6. The Council emphasises that membership of the Institute only signifies an individual member’s interest and support of the objectives of arbitration, and does not imply his/her ability to act as arbitrator.

7. You are advised not to hold yourself out as Arbitrator merely by virtue of your being a Member or an Associate Member of the Institute.

8. The Council may decide either to:

a. Call the Applicant for interview, or

b. Invite the Applicant to comment in writing on a nominated subject related to arbitration or the arbitral process.

9. While there are no statutory requirements regulating those persons who may sit as arbitrators, the Council does not encourage parties to appoint those persons who have not attained the status of FELLOW of the Institute.

10. Applications for membership must be accompanied by payments for:

Half Annual Subscription* for application
approved on or after 1 October
Associate Member

*11. For applications approved after 1 October, please select the Half-Annual Subscription Fee. For applications approved before 1 October, please select the Annual Subscription Fee accordingly.

12. Applications for transfer must be accompanied by payments for the aggregate difference between the respective Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions.

13. Modes of Payment:

Account Name: Singapore Institute of Arbitrators l Account Number: 208-308-736-8 l SWIFT Code: UOVBSGSG l Bank: United Overseas Bank Limited, 148 Upper Bukit Timah Road, UOB Centre, Singapore 588178.

Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after the T/T has been done for our follow-up with the bank. Payment must be received nett after deduction of all bank charges. 

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How to make payment

  1. Please indicate clearly your name.
  2. Click "Pay Now" to proceed to next page.
  3. Enter description and the amount payable and click "Update" .
  4. Enter your credit card details.
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