Committees 2017-2018

1. Activities Committee

The Activities Committee organises social activities such as the Institute's annual dinner and networking sessions.

Chair Mr Andrew Pullen
Vice Chair Ms Adrienne Kouwenhoven
Committee Members Chua Jian Zhi
Tan Weiyi
Wendy Tan Poh Ling
Ruben Potter
Chan Le Fong Alexis
Iain Cameron Potter
Lester Poon Yu Da
Adriana Alexis Uson-Ong

2. Administration & Finance Committee

Chairman Mr Dinesh Dhillon
Committee Members Chan Leng Sun S.C.
Naresh Mahtani
Mohan Pillay
Tay Yu-Jin

3. Arbitration Bar Committee

This Committee represents the interests and concerns of members who practice predominantly as arbitration counsel or counsel in arbitration-related litigation, and organises activities such as the annual SIArb Commercial Arbitration Symposium.

Chairman Mr Tay Yu-Jin
Committee Members Adolf Peter
Shourav Lahiri
Lorenda Lee
Shi Yan Lee
Steven Lim
Andrew Pullen
Tan Chuan Thye SC
Tan Weiyi


4. Continuing Professional Development Committee

The CPD Committee holds CPD Programmes regularly to assist members and their guests in further professional development, as well as provide opportunities for members to fulfil their CPD requirements and to network with the arbitration and business community during such events.

Chairman Mr Francis Goh
Vice Chairman Mr Andrew Pullen
Committee Members Chin Li Nah
Lester Poon Yu Da
Rebecca Tai Anderson
Tay Yu Meng Jason


5. Education & Training Committee

Chairman Mr Naresh Mahtani
Vice-Chairman Mr Chia Chor Leong
Mr Francis Goh
Committee Members Anil Changaroth
John NLC Fernando
Denys John Hickey
Shourav Lahiri
Francis Lansakara
Lorenda Lee
Shi Yan Lee
Benson Lim
Karen Mills
Ramesh Selvaraj
Prantika Sengupta
Ezani Rais Bin Shaiks Salim
Tay Yu Meng Jason
Jun Wang
Arthur Yap
Bay Way Yee


6. External Relations Committee

This Committee handles all matters relating to relations with organisations both within and outside Singapore.

Chairman Mr Chan Leng Sun S.C.
Vice Chairman Mr Chia Ho Choon
Committee Member Johnny Tan Cheng Hye BBM


7. Publications & Website Committee

This Committee manages and maintains the SIArb website; as well as strategizes and manages ad-hoc projects to upgrade the SIArb website. At the same time, this committee coordinates and edits the SIArb Newsletter, the flagship publication of SIArb which covers updates on upcoming arbitration events organised by SIArb; a message by the President of the Institute to the members; a list of new members who have joined the Institute; a write-up covering latest court decisions involving arbitration; a report on events hosted by SIArb; and articles on current issues in dispute resolution.

Chairman Mr Yeo Boon Tat
Committee Members Adolf Peter
Eric Chew
David K K Chung
Fayth Huinan Kuah
Gan Boon Eng Justin
Lim Hseng Iu
Rian Matthews
Gan Kam Yuin
Tham Wei Chern


8. Membership Committee

The membership Committee helps oversee and makes recommendations on the admission and continuance of membership at all levels of the Institute.

Chairman Ms Tan Weiyi
Committee Members Chia Chor Leong
Naresh Mahtani
Tay Yu-Jin

9. Panel Arbitrators Review Committee

Chairman Mr Chia Ho Choon
Committee Members Raymond Chan
Johnny Tan Cheng Hye BBM


10. Scheme Arbitration Committee

The scheme arbitration Committee is concerned with the promotion and implementation of special and independent arbitration schemes for specific sectors of commerce, industry and society.

Chairman Mr Chia Chor Leong
Committee Members Khoo Boo Teck Randolph
Daniel John
Krishna Ramakrishna Sharma
Tan Weiyi
Yang Yung Chong

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