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Online International Entry Course (IEC) 2021
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The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb) is pleased to announce that a new edition of its International Entry Course is now open for registration. Candidates who pass the International Entry Course (“IEC”) may, subject to satisfying other relevant criteria, qualify for admission as a Member of SIArb.


The IEC consists of 4 modules, 2 tutorials and a written assessment. Each module comprises 2 lectures. There will therefore be 8 lectures and 2 tutorials that constitute the IEC, together with the written assessment.

Each module covers a particular segment of arbitration law and practice. Module 1 gives an overview of arbitration and introduces key concepts, rules and legislation. Module 2 covers the commencement of arbitration, and issues concerning constitution, jurisdiction and powers of the tribunal. Module 3 goes into the arbitration procedure, from statements to the evidentiary hearing. Module 4 discusses the award, its recognition and enforcement, as well as challenges to the same.

The tutorials will review, by way of fact scenarios and case studies, what has been taught in the lectures. Tutorial 1 will cover Modules 1 and 2, whilst Tutorial 2 will cover Modules 3 and 4.

The written assessment is an open-book examination that will assess the candidate’s overall understanding of what has been covered in the 4 modules.


Each lecture will be delivered online by way of a Zoom webinar recording which can be accessed remotely and on demand during the period specified in the Course Schedule below. The duration of each lecture is about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the average, and each candidate is required to view each lecture in sequence and in its entirety. The first lecture is preceded by an Introductory Video by the Course Director. The total scheduled duration of all lectures is 10 hours.

Each tutorial will be led by one or more tutors in a live interactive class conducted virtually on the Zoom meeting platform. The duration of each tutorial is 3 hours. Each candidate is required to attend the full duration of both Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2, the dates of which are specified in the Course Schedule below. The total scheduled duration of both Tutorials is 6 hours.

The written assessment will be conducted virtually on SIArb’s online course portal over a period of 2.5 hours on the date specified in the Course Schedule below. Each candidate is required to sit for and pass this written assessment with a minimum score of 50 marks out of a possible 100.

Based on the above, the time allocated for lectures, tutorials and the written assessment is 18.5 hours. This excludes the additional time required for reading, study, tutorial and examination preparation, which varies from individual to individual.

Each candidate who has been successfully registered for IEC will receive personalised login details to SIArb’s online course portal to access all reading materials, lectures, presentations slides and the online examination as set out in the Course Schedule.


To complete the IEC successfully, a candidate must:

(a)  Achieve 100% attendance at all the tutorials; and

(b)  Pass the written assessment.

A candidate who has successfully completed the IEC may, subject to satisfying other relevant criteria, apply for admission as a Member of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators.





Lecture videos (and the Introductory Video) will be accessible remotely and on demand during this period:

9.00am on 22 March 2021 to 

6.00pm on 19 April 2021









*Friday, 16 April 2021
Saturday, 17 April 2021 

1000 - 1300

1400 - 1700

Tutorial 1 

Tutorial 2 (followed by Course Director’s Closing Remarks)

*NB: SIArb reserves the right to allocate candidates to such groups for the Tutorials and to conduct the Tutorials on 16 and/or 17 April at its discretion. Candidates should ensure they are available for the full day on both dates.

Written Assessment





Monday, 19 April 2021

1200 – 1430




Introduction to IEC and its Objectives

Introductory Video



 Module 1

An Introduction to Arbitration

  • Arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution
  • Types of arbitration - Ad hoc and institutional arbitration
  • Laws and Rules applicable to an arbitration
  • Overview of Singapore legislation
  • The arbitration agreement 
  • Overview of the arbitration process

Lectures 1 and 2

Tutorial 1

 Module 2

Arbitration Agreement, Commencement & The Tribunal

  • Agreement to arbitrate – significance and formal requirements
  • Validity of arbitration agreement and stay of court proceedings
  • Commencement of the arbitration – procedure and significance
  • Constituting the Tribunal
  • Jurisdiction and powers of the Tribunal
  • Rights and duties of the Tribunal
  • Challenges to the Tribunal

Lectures 3 and 4

Tutorial 1

 Module 3

Arbitration Procedure

  • Institutional and ad hoc arbitration
  • Arbitration rules
  • Overview of arbitral process
  • Pleadings, discovery and other interlocutory matters
  • Preliminary meetings and procedural orders
  • The substantive hearing
  • Evidence
  • Expert testimony and witness conferencing
  • Closing submissions and close of proceedings

Lectures 5 and 6

Tutorial 2

 Module 4

The Award; Recognition & Enforcement of Awards

  • Nature of an award
  • Types of awards
  • Essential features of an award
  • Challenge and appeal
  • Recognition and enforcement of Awards

Lectures 7 and 8

Tutorial 2


Chia Chor Leong (Course Director)
Delphine Ho
Edmund Kronenburg
Shourav Lahiri
Chen Han Toh

For more details about our Course Faculty, please click HERE


To properly participate in this online course, you will require the following which must be put in place before the Tutorials and Online Examinations (no exceptions will be entertained):

  1.  A laptop or computer (as typing will be required during the Tutorials and examinations, accessing via mobile phone or other mobile devices is not encouraged)
  2.  Stable Internet access from the same laptop/computer– a wired connection is recommended (this is especially important for taking the online written assessment)
  3.  An Internet browser on the same laptop/computer
  4.  A video camera (either external or built-in to your laptop or computer) to participate in the video Tutorials and Online Examination
  5.  Zoom Client for Meetings If you have not used Zoom before, clicking HERE to download the latest version for security reasons. Even if you already have Zoom installed, we recommend that you check to ensure you have updated to the latest version due to frequent security upgrades and to ensure that your laptop/computer meets the minimum requirements for the use of Zoom.


  1.  Acceptance or rejection of an application for admission to the IEC is at the sole discretion of SIArb.
  2.  Closing date is 29 March 2021. Placement is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3.  Registrations received on or before the closing date are confirmed upon RECEIPT OF FULL PAYMENT.
  4.  SIArb reserves the right to change the content of the programme and/or the facilitators without prior notice. SIArb is committed to staging a successful programme. However, we reserve the right to cancel the programme in which case refunds will be given, but otherwise, no refunds will be made for cancellations or no-shows by those who registered.
  5.  SIArb reserves the right to change the venue or amend any of the other details published.
  6.  By completing this form, you fully consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data as appears in any form, document or electronic template, by SIArb.


SIArb Associate Members


Non-SIArb Members


Download brochure HERE.

  1. Places are limited and can only be allocated in order of priority upon receipt of registration and any payment due.
  2. SIArb reservestherightto update or amend thedetails oftheprogrammeand/orthe namesofCourse Faculty withoutprirnotice.
  3. SIArb will not entertain any request for a refund of fees.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse to register or admit any participant, and to cancel or postpone the Course.
  5. By completing this form, you fully consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data as appears in any form, document or electronic template, by SIArb. [CLICK HERE TO READ OUR PRIVACY POLICY]

SILE CPD Points 

Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution 
Training Level: Foundation
Public CPD Points: 6

SILE Attendance Policy

Participants who wish to obtain CPD Points are reminded that they must comply strictly with the Attendance Policy set out in the CPD Guidelines.

For this activity, this includes logging in at the start of the webinar and logging out at the conclusion of the webinar in the manner required by the organiser, and not being away from the entire activity for more than 15 minutes. Participants who do not comply with the Attendance Policy will not be able to obtain CPD Points for attending the activity. Please refer to for more information.

Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 are Accredited CPD Activities under the SILE CPD Scheme. Lawyers who comply with the SILE Attendance Policy will obtain 6 Public CPD Points if they attend both Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2.

Lawyers may also obtain 10 Private CPD Points for reviewing all 8 recordings of the lectures in full. Lawyers should log into their ePortfolio account on and update their Learning History to reflect the Private CPD Points obtained from reviewing the lectures.

Public CPD Points obtained in respect of Tutorial 1 and Tutorial 2 will be updated in lawyers’ ePortfolio accounts by SILE.

Registrations are now closed

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